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11 April 2021 16:56

At the UK border

Get Ready for Brexit offers a joint chain solution for fast transport via the Dutch ports after Brexit. But you may also want to know which customs regulations and processes apply in the United Kingdom? This page provides useful information on this subject.

Seven steps to guide you on the British side

The Brexit desk of the Dutch government gives you a handy overview of customs procedures and border formalities in the United Kingdom. In seven steps, it will help you find your way around on the British side (only available in Dutch).

Border procedures United Kingdom after Brexit

All border procedures in the United Kingdom have been collected by the British government in the Border Operating Model. On the basis of the information in this comprehensive document, you can find out more how Brexit impacts your import and export on the British side. The introduction of border procedures in the United Kingdom will take place in three phases until the 1st of Januari 2022. In the Border Operating Model you can also read, among other things, which controls will take effect as of when.

Up-to-date information UK Government

Please note that border procedures and customs rules on the UK side may still be subject to change. The most up-to-date information can always be found on the UK Government’s website.

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