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At the UK border

Get Ready for Brexit focuses on a joint chain solution for fast transport via the Dutch ports after Brexit. But perhaps you also want to know the requirements on the UK side to ensure a smooth flow. This page provides you with useful information from the British government for this. Although the sources have been selected with great care, we are not responsible for their accuracy.

Transport of goods between the UK and the EU after Brexit

The United Kingdom will implement border inspections from the 1st of January 2021. This will take place in three phases until the 1st of July 2021. That gives the business community extra time to adjust to this. All upcoming border procedures – and their phasing – have been consolidated into one comprehensive document by the UK government. Based on this information, you will know the exact implications of Brexit in the United Kingdom for your imports and exports.

Phased plan for imports and exports United Kingdom

With a step-by-step plan for both imports and exports, the British government will help you to in a timely manner initiate the correct customs actions for all your cargo entering and leaving the United Kingdom as of the 1st of January 2021.

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