At the UK border

Get Ready for Brexit focuses on a joint chain solution for fast transport via the Dutch ports after the Brexit. But you may also want to know what is needed on the UK side. This page provides useful information from HM Government. Although the sources have been selected with care, we are not responsible for their accuracy.

What do you have to deal with for freight transport from the United Kingdom to the EU with a no-deal Brexit?

United Kingdom’s Department for Transport and the Secretary of State for Transport –The English campaign Get ready for Brexit makes truck drivers and hinterland carriers in all EU countries aware of the consequences of Brexit as a result of changed regulations. They actively provide information to prepare the logistics chain for the consequences of a no-deal Brexit for freight transport from the United Kingdom to the EU.

Read the guide for transporters and truck drivers here.

Read the short guide for transporters and truck drivers here.

Read here which documents you need as a transporter or truck driver at the UK border.

Read more about “Operation Brock” here: the new system for reducing traffic disruptions in the Port of Dover and at  the Eurotunnel.

Questions and answers

HM Government – This is a collection of pre-notified and plenary questions raised before and during the Border Delivery Group Roll on/Roll off (RoRo) Industry days in January. The events were focussed on practical issues in a Day One No Deal (D1ND) scenario. Click here to read the questions and answers.

Letter to traders

HM Revenue & Customs – This letter sets out actions that it’s important you take now and changes you need to be prepared for, in the event that the UK leaves the EU without a deal. Click here to read the letter.

Partnership pack

HM Government – Partnership pack: preparing for changes at the UK border after a no deal EU Exit. Click here to read the partnership pack.

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