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Your preparation time until Brexit


Swiftly through the Dutch ports

The 31st of October 2019 is the new deadline for the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union. Take action now to ensure the continued smooth transport of cargo via the Dutch ports after that date. Our chain-wide solution conveniently enables you to comply with the new customs formalities that will be applicable to both shortsea and ferry traffic. In the case of a no-deal Brexit immediately on the 1st of November 2019, if a deal is reached on the 1st of January 2021 following a transitional period. Will you make sure that you are ready in time? Together, we can prevent delays!

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Handbook ‘Brexit in the Dutch ports’

Want to know how your cargo can continue to travel swiftly from and to the United Kingdom through the Dutch ports after Brexit? Our handbook will tell you how.

One single solution to Brexit in the Dutch ports

Swiftly through the Dutch ports

The Dutch chain solution for Brexit allows cargo to travel quickly to and from the United Kingdom – also after Brexit. Provided that every link in the logistics chain participates and consistently uses Portbase in time to easily meet its obligations, transport through the Dutch ports will always continue to flow smoothly. Without unnecessary delays due to customs issues.

One central window

The Dutch chain solution for Brexit offers one central window to all terminals. No bilateral agreements or procedures that vary from terminal to terminal, but one operational approach via Portbase. The Dutch ferry operators even make the use of Portbase mandatory. Following Brexit, most shortsea terminals will also start using Portbase.

Info always precedes the cargo

Via the Port Community System (PCS) of Portbase, data is always sent ahead of the cargo. In this way, the terminal knows in advance that the container or trailer is coming and can optimally prepare the visit. There is also clarity beforehand as to whether all customs obligations have been met. If necessary, the commissioning party can still take timely action. No container or trailer needs to come to a standstill in the port after Brexit!

100% digital

The Dutch chain solution for Brexit is completely digital and automated. Virtually no paper documents are required in the port, both for delivery and collection. Portbase automatically ensures that the right party always receives all the information at the right time.

Reuse of data

Data only needs to be entered once. In the Dutch chain solution for Brexit, Portbase organises the optimal reuse of all data submitted via the web or a system link. It is no longer necessary to enter the same data over and over again. Each subsequent link reuses the information that is already available. All parties are able to operate with optimum efficiency.

Smart customs supervision

Dutch Customs has been fully integrated in the Dutch chain solution for Brexit; this applies to both the handling of the required customs formalities and the performance of inspections. The smart customs supervision results in minimal disruption to logistics in the Dutch ports.

Videos Get Ready for Brexit

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The Brexit for forwarders who are also customs agents.

The Brexit for ferry terminals and ferry operators.

The Brexit for transporters and logistics service providers.

Initiating parties

Leading industry organisations and Portbase in its capacity as national Port Community System have joined forces to provide the shortsea and ferry sector with a chain-wide Brexit solution. Join now to ensure unhampered transport from and to the United Kingdom after Brexit.

With the cooperation of

The chain solution for Brexit in the Dutch ports was developed in close cooperation with Dutch Customs, the port authorities of Amsterdam and Rotterdam, the ferry operators and the Association of Rotterdam Shipbrokers and Agents. The solution complies with European legislation.

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