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What does Brexit mean for you as
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Ready for Brexit? You still have:


The Brexit solution of the Dutch ports

As of the 1st of January 2021, your transport to and from the United Kingdom always starts with a declaration to Customs. Once this has been done, you digitally pre-notify the customs documents at the terminals via Portbase. This pre-notification is mandatory at all ferry terminals and most shortsea terminals. Otherwise, your cargo will be denied access. Therefore, be sure to make careful agreements about who does what in your logistics chain. In 5 simple steps, you can ensure fast transport via the Dutch ports in 2021 as well!

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At the UK border

08-10-2020 See the new Border Operating Model (October 2020) and further useful information from the UK government at a glance.

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03 -08-2020 Practical tips and checklists for entrepreneurs.

Swiftly through the Dutch ports

One central window

Info precedes cargo

100% digital

Reuse of data

Smart customs supervision

Ready for Brexit in 5 steps

As of the 1st of January 2021, customs formalities will be in effect for cargo transport to and from the United Kingdom. Are you ready for this? Whether you are a driver, transport company, forwarder, importer or exporter: all parties must prepare and make proper agreements with one another. The Dutch Brexit solution makes this easy. If we all take action right now, cargo will consistently be able to swiftly move through our ports in the future as well. Follow the 5 steps to be ready for Brexit in time. Take care of this immediately and make sure that your chain partners do the same. Only together can we prevent delays!

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Initiating parties

Leading industry organisations and Portbase in its capacity as national Port Community System have joined forces to provide the shortsea and ferry sector with a chain-wide Brexit solution.

With the cooperation of

Port of MoerdijkPort of Moerdijk

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