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Next stages for Brexit as of 1 October and 1 January

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Brexit warrants your attention in 2021 as well

Get Ready for Brexit will guide you through the customs rules for all transport of goods between the European Union (EU) and the United Kingdom (UK).

Please note! Brexit is far from finished. From 1 October 2021 onwards, you will have to deal with several stricter customs requirements in relation to the UK. By preparing yourself now, you will prevent cargo from being stopped at the British border or even in the Dutch port. On Get Ready for Brexit, you can read what the British customs requirements mean for you.

1 Oktober 2021

Start Border Operating Model
Phase 2

Important for all parties exporting veterinary cargo to the UK.

When exporting to the UK, health certificates will be required for the majority of veterinary cargo.

1 January 2022

Start Border Operating Model
Phase 3

Important for all parties who export to the UK.

Export to the UK is subject to more stringent UK customs requirements for all types of goods.

Brexit knowledge base

In our knowledge base you will find the answers to many questions about your transport to and from the United Kingdom after Brexit.

Introduction of CVB: additional challenge for UK imports

As of 4 October 2021, stricter customs requirements will will come into force for imports from the UK.

To put an end to the tens of thousands of mismatches every month, Dutch Customs is introducing the CVB (Container Release Notice). This will change the procedure for submitting further declarations for containers, trailers, bulk and general cargo.

The CVB affects everyone involved in import. Timely preparation is essential. Otherwise, your cargo will not be able to leave the terminal from 1 October!

Swift transport in 5 steps

The Dutch Brexit solution

Via the chain-wide Get Ready for Brexit solution, in 5 simple steps you ensure swift transport via the Dutch ports for incoming and outgoing cargo.

All ferry and shortsea terminals require participation. Only correctly pre-notified cargo can enter and exit the terminal. From importer, exporter and forwarder to transporter and driver, everyone has a role to play in Get Ready for Brexit. Together we ensure that every transport to and from the United Kingdom always runs smoothly.

This means Brexit for you as:

Initiating partners

Supporting the logistics business in 2021 via Get Ready for Brexit is a joint initiative of the Port of Rotterdam Authority, Portbase, Deltalinqs, evofenedex, Fenex and TLN.

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These organisations support the Get Ready for Brexit initiative and help us inform and activate their customers, members and relations.

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