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Get Ready for Brexit supports you with numerous materials to inform your customers and logistics partners about the five steps that are necessary for Brexit in the Dutch ports. Flyers, posters, presentations, direct mailings, but also banners, logos and more can be downloaded free-of-charge from the Get Ready for Brexit website. Most resources are available in three languages: Dutch, English and German. Materials for drivers are even available in eight languages. New items are constantly being added.

One story together, one image together

Mailings and call script

We are happy to help our initiators, collaborating parties and terminals with telling the Get Ready for Brexit message. Click on the mailing or call script as a suggestion for reporting to your customers, members or visiting transporters.

The mailings are available in Dutch, English and German by clicking on the download button.
The call script is available in Dutch and English by clicking the download button.

Flyer Ready in 5 steps

Easily inform your client or chain partner how they are ready for Brexit in the Dutch ports in 5 steps? Use our digital flyer ‘Ready for Brexit in 5 steps’ for this. If you wish, you can provide your own image (costs € 50 per image change).

Format: A5

Poster Ready for Brexit in 5 steps

Do you want to inform your colleagues about the chain solution for Brexit in the Dutch ports? Or leave a poster with your customer with the 5 steps in a row? Then order the poster below. If you wish, you can provide your own image (costs € 50 per image change).

Formaat: A1 59,4 x 84,1 cm

Posters for drivers

We make posters available to inform drivers in advance about the important changes that they will have to deal with after Brexit.

The terminals receive a set of both poster formats from Get Ready for Brexit.


  • A0: 84.1 cm wide x 118.9 cm high
  • A2: 42 cm wide x 59.4 cm high

The posters are suitable for hanging indoors. For example, at the driver’s desk, in the cafeteria, at the toilets or the ferry ships.

Do you also wish to hang a poster outdoors?

You can easily arrange this by ordering via the button below. This is for your own account.

Flyer for the drivers

In eight languages, the brochure explains to drivers the customs formalities that must definitely be in order post-Brexit before driving to the ferry terminal.

Formaat:  A4 folded in half

Do you want to order flyers?
You can easily arrange this by ordering via the button below. This is for your own account.

Infographic Ready for Brexit in the Dutch ports in 5 steps

Use the infographic to explain to your relationship how they are ready for Brexit in the Dutch ports in 5 steps.

Graphical representation process export and import by ferry

View the PowerPoint presentation in presentation mode for optimum performance.

Submitting additional shipment details for your ferry and shortsea booking

In the case of import after Brexit, the party that brings the goods into the EU (the ferry operator or shortsea shipping line) is obliged to provide Customs with additional information about the goods that:

  1. are taken off the ship in the EU (ENS declaration)
  2. are unloaded in the port of discharge in question (ATO declaration)

As the party responsible for booking a ferry or shortsea crossing from the United Kingdom to the Netherlands, you must provide the ferry operator or shortsea shipping line with the information that needs to be submitted to Customs. It is for this reason that the ferry operator or shortsea shipping line will ask you to submit various extra details for your booking after Brexit. This is the only way in which the additional customs obligation can be met. Download the overview below of the data in question here.

Handbook Brexit in the Dutch ports

Want to know how your cargo can continue to travel swiftly from and to the United Kingdom through the Dutch ports after Brexit? Our handbook will tell you how.

Online banners

Static banners

Download here the 2 different static banners for reuse in your e-mail. Read here how to create an e-mail signature with logo (or banner) in Outlook / Office. Note: don’t forget to link the image to or a specific page. This is also included in the explanation.

Size of static banner: 560x100px

Animated banner
You can use the dynamic banner for on your website. Contact your web agency for this.

Size animated banner 340x340px  and 728x90px

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