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We cordially invite you to reuse the Brexit materials of both Get Ready for Brexit and our initiators and collaborating parties to inform your logistics partners about the five steps that are necessary for Brexit in the Dutch ports. This way we emphasize our mutual cooperation in this Dutch chain solution for Brexit. Together we prevent congestion in the Dutch ports!

Infographic Ready for Brexit in the Dutch ports in 5 steps

Get Ready for Brexit

Use the infographic to explain to your clients how they can be ready for Brexit in the Dutch ports in 5 steps.

Powerpoint: process export and import at ferry


This PowerPoint presentation emphasizes the simplicity of the supply chain solution for Brexit in the Dutch ports. See in this graphical presentation which complicated process we take out of your hands.
Attention! View the PowerPoint presentation in presentation mode for optimum performance.

Submitting additional shipment details for your ferry and shortsea booking

Get Ready for Brexit

Because of Brexit, in the case of import, the party that brings the goods into the EU (the ferry operator or shortsea shipping line) is obliged to provide Customs with additional information about the goods that:

  1. are taken off the ship in the EU (ENS declaration)
  2. are unloaded in the port of discharge in question (ATO declaration)

As the party responsible for booking a ferry or shortsea crossing from the UK to the Netherlands, you must provide the ferry operator or shortsea shipping line with the information that needs to be submitted to Customs. It is for this reason that the ferry operator or shortsea shipping line will ask you to submit various extra details for your booking.


Get Ready for Brexit


Get Ready for Brexit

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