Focus on Brexit: explanation and instructions

Essential animation about the importance of participating in the chain-wide Brexit solution in the Dutch ports. In addition, instructional videos concretely explain how to use the Portbase services.

This is how you swiftly proceed through the Dutch ports

In 3 minutes, this animation shows how easily the chain-wide solution for Brexit works. All the links in the logistics chain have a role to play: importer, exporter, forwarder, customs agent and transporter. By working together, cargo will continue to swiftly pass through the Dutch ports after Brexit as well.

How do the Portbase services work?

Step by step, short instructional videos show you how easily the most important Portbase services for the Dutch Brexit solution work.

For export

Cargo from the Netherlands to the United Kingdom

Notification Export Documentation for pre-notifying export documents to terminals.

Track & Trace Export to check whether you have been cleared to deliver your export cargo to the terminal.

For import

Cargo from the United Kingdom to the Netherlands

Notification Import Documentation for pre-notifying import documents to terminals.

Import Status to check whether you have been cleared to collect your import cargo at the terminal.

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