Ready for Brexit as a software supplier

As a software supplier, are you helping companies to be Ready for Brexit in time? For the mandatory pre-notification of customs documents at shortsea terminals and ferry terminals as of the 1st of January 2021, system connections are available through Portbase for the services Notification Import Documentation and Notification Export Documentation. Implement these now for your (potential) customers. In this way, they can quickly and faultlessly transport cargo via the Dutch ports in 2021 as well.

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Working with message specifications

On the developer portal of Portbase, you will find the current message specifications for:

The developer portal also features other information on the realisation of the interfaces and on testing them together with Portbase. Are you a software supplier or is your customer new to Portbase? Read here how you can register first.

PLEASE NOTE! Important information about existing system connections

Do you already have existing system connections for Notification Import Documentation and/or Notification Export Documentation? For the use at shortsea and ferry terminals, you and/or your customer may need to take additional action:

1: incorporated message specifications in your software

Make sure that the current message specifications have been incorporated in your software. Pre-notification at shortsea terminals and ferry terminals is only possible with the latest version of both services.

2: incorporated in the in-house systems of customers

Make sure that these current message specifications have also been incorporated in the in-house systems of your customers.

3: Customers must sign the terminal contract

Verify whether your customers have signed the terminal contract for shortsea terminals and ferry terminals for the use of Notification Import Documentation. Your customer can very easily arrange this by contacting Portbase via

Ready for Brexit? Spread the word!

Is your software solution suitable and has it been successfully tested by the Portbase interface specialists? Then you are ‘Ready for Brexit’ as a software supplier! Send us your logo (minimum 400px wide and/or high) via We will then list you on this page. Potential customers will be able to easily find you. In addition, you will receive the ‘Ready for Brexit’ logo from us for use in your own communication.

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