Ready for Brexit as a software supplier

As a software supplier, are you helping companies to become Ready for Brexit? For the mandatory pre-notification of customs documents at shortsea terminals and ferry terminals, system connections are available through Portbase for the services Notification Import Documentation and Notification Export Documentation. Implement these for your (potential) customers. In this way, they can quickly and faultlessly transport cargo via the Dutch ports.

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Working with message specifications

On the developer portal of Portbase, you will find the current message specifications for:

The developer portal also features other information on the realisation of the interfaces and on testing them together with Portbase. Are you a software supplier or is your customer new to Portbase? Read here how you can register first.

Your checklist

Make your software Ready for Brexit:

1: Sign up

  • Contact the Portbase Sales department
  • You will be linked to a Portbase-colleague of Integration Services.

2: Develop

3: Go live!

  • For Notification Import Documentation: let the Portbase Customer Service  know when you or your customers will switch to the new message scenario. We will individually migrate each end customer.
  • For Notification Export Documentation, there is no need to explicitly state when you will start submitting notifications for ferry shipments according to the new message scenario.

These terminals and shipping companies are participating