New: updated edition of the GVMS Border Guide

British Embassy The Hague – HMRC has issued a new, second edition of the GVMS Border Guide. This has been updated to reflect new/amended information based on feedback and queries received since 1 January. It doesn’t replace the guidance available on GOV.UK but is a supplement to it providing additional detail. Changes to the Border Guide in the 2nd edition:

  • Additional ‘Note’ at start (Page 1)
  • Amendments to Using GVMS from 1 January 2022 (Page 1 / 2)
  • Amendment to Key Points to follow when using GVMS (Page 2)
  • Additional section on Vehicle Registration Number (VRN) and Trailer Registration Numbers (TRNs) (Page 4)
  • Additional section on difference between arrived and pre-lodged exports for GMR (Page 4)
  • Additional section on When goods should/should not go to an Inland Border Facility (IBF) (Page 4)
  • Additional section on GVMS and Transit movements in and out of Great Britain (Page 5)
  • Amendment to an explanation of Movement Reference Numbers (MRNs) and Declaration Unique Consignment Reference (DUCRs) (Page 6)
  • What to do if a declaration is not ‘arrived’ (Page 7)
  • Additional information for Unaccompanied movements within Business processes section (Page 8)
  • Additional information in Where and how to check if an inspection is required section (Page 9)
  • Additional information in Where to go for an inspection (Page 10)
  • Amendment to Common GMR errors (Page 11)
  • Correction to link for CDS location codes in Shorts Straits Dual Codes section ( Page 12)
  • Amendment to Help and Support information (Page 13)