Important for transporters! Pre-lodgement model requires notification in GVMS prior to departure – For cargo that you are transporting to the UK conform the pre-lodgement model, you as a transporter must always take action before you proceed to the Dutch ferry terminal. This is what you need to do:

  • In the British Goods Vehicle Movement Service (GVMS), you must link the declaration made in the UK to your trailer. You do this using the MRN(s) provided to you by the UK importer or their representative.
  • You specify the Goods Movement Reference (GMR) that is subsequently generated by GVMS when you make your ferry booking. Only if the ferry terminal has the GMR when your trailer arrives can your cargo continue without delay following its arrival in the UK.

Read here how you can obtain a GMR for each shipment 

One-time registration in GVMS
In order to be able to use GVMS for pre-lodgement shipments, you must submit a one-time registration as a carrier with the British government.

Convenient help for proper use GVMS
The British government offers various convenient manners to help you on your way with GVMS.

Inspection in the UK yes or no
Before arriving in the UK, you can easily check whether your cargo is subject to inspection via this convenient website of the UK government. All you need to do is fill in the GMR of your cargo. One click and you know where you stand. If inspection is indeed required, the website, which is available in thirteen languages, will also help you on your way.