Newsletter: United Kingdom to start import inspections at Border Control Posts as of 30 April

Get Ready for Brexit newsletter – As of the 30th of April 2024, the United Kingdom (UK) will start physically inspecting incoming medium-risk and high-risk veterinary and phytosanitary cargo at Border Control Posts (BCPs). With this, the British government is continuing its further implementation of the Border Target Operating Model.

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Newsletter: three more weeks until introduction of new customs rules for UK imports!

Get Ready for Brexit newsletter – On 31 January 2024, the first steps of the Border Target Operating Model will come into force in the United Kingdom (UK). Everyone involved in exporting veterinary and phytosanitary cargo to the UK will have to deal with it. Are you ready? This newsletter will help you with the necessary preparations to set up the logistics chain in the best possible way. Take action soon. New delays on the part of the UK are out of the question. This newsletter will help you further in your preparations.

New customs rules for UK imports fast approaching

Get Ready for Brexit newsletterOn 31 January 2024, the first measures of the Border Target Operating Model will take effect in the United Kingdom (UK). A phytosanitary or veterinary certificate will then be required for a large group of animal products, plants and plant products from a medium risk onwards for imports to the UK. The UK government will also start inspections of these cargoes from 30 April 2024. This newsletter will help you further in your preparations

Postponement does not mean cancellation! Stricter customs rules in the UK for all inbound cargo as of 1 January 2022

Newsletter – As a result of Brexit, the British government will start further tightening customs rules at the British border as of the 1st of January 2022. This has consequences for everyone who exports to the United Kingdom (UK). If you and/or your chain partners do not meet the applicable requirements, your cargo cannot continue its journey in the British port or even already in the Dutch port. Prevent your cargo from being delayed or even sent back, with all the (financial) consequences this entails.

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As of 1 January: no document, no transport!

Brexit deal means customs formalities at the border

Get Ready for Brexit newsletter of 29 December 2020 – The Brexit deal that was concluded just before Christmas is clear: as of the 1st of January 2021, every transport to and from the United Kingdom starts with customs formalities. No customs document means no transport in the new year. Only cargo for which a customs document has been digitally pre-notified beforehand via Portbase is permitted to enter and leave the ferry or shortsea terminal. In this way, pre-notified cargo always quickly travels via the Dutch ports in the new year as well.

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Newsletter: The countdown has truly commenced: are you ready for Brexit?

With only about three weeks to go until Brexit, anyone who is not yet prepared must really hurry. Deal or no deal: customs formalities will irrevocably be in place for cargo traffic with the United Kingdom as of the 1st of January 2021. Only cargo that has been …

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