Which party in the chain usually pre-registers at the terminal?

For a smooth export and import process after Brexit, digital pre-notification of customs documents to the terminal is mandatory. For each logistics chain, you agree which party will do this pre-notification. Who is the most suitable party to pre-notify the import document (the NID notification via the Portbase service Notification Import Documentation) and the export document (the NED notification via the service Notification Export Documentation) depends on who has the necessary data:

  • For the NID notification, these data are: terminal, shipment id., document type, document number and modality.
  • For the NED notification, these data are: document type, document number, booking number and dentification of means of transport.

An example:

In case of import (goods from United Kingdom to the Netherlands)
A Dutch trading company buys high-quality medical equipment from an English supplier. The Dutch trading company arranges the transport of the equipment via Everyday transport company and has the customs formalities handled by customs agent Declaration & Co. Everyday gives – after completing the booking in the booking system of the ferry operator – all booking and shipment details to Declaration & Co. After receipt of this, Declaration & Co will take care of the import declaration.

Advice: Declaration & Co chooses to pre-notify the import documents because they have all the necessary information for the NID notification: terminal, shipment ID, document type, document number and modality.

For exports (goods from the Netherlands to the United Kingdom)
The Dutch flower trader QualiFlower sells flowers to a large English supermarket chain. The flowers have to be delivered as early as possible every morning to distribution centres in the UK. QualiFlower has the transport of the flowers carried out by FerryFresh; a carrier specialised in accompanied transport with conditioned trailers. QualiFlower engages Janssen Customs forwarders to make the export declarations.

Every morning, QualiFlower receives the orders for delivery the day after. At noon, QualiFlower delivers all order details to Janssen Customs forwarders, who take care of the export declarations. FerryFresh loads all orders with QualiFlower at the end of the day. The FerryFresh planning department determines which orders are transported in which trailer. Due to last-minute orders and disruptions in the delivery process, this planning changes regularly.

Advice: the pre-notification of export documents in the NED service must include the booking number and the identification of the means of transport in addition to the export document type and document number. Because FerryFresh only knows shortly before departure which truck will transport the cargo, it has been decided that transporter FerryFresh will make the NED notification. Janssen Customs agents will forward the document number of the export declarations to FerryFresh in good time.