What is the impact of Brexit in the Dutch ports?

Because the United Kingdom has left the European Union, a border is created and customs formalities have to be performed. This automatically means that parties in the logistics chain are now dependent on each other. One party needs to use the data of another party to perform its next steps. The exporter or importer has to ensure that Customs is provided with a customs declaration. That is the first step. The customs documents must next be pre-notified at the terminal via Portbase. If this doesn’t happen, the cargo – and therefore the transporter – will by definition come to a standstill at the border. Think of it as checking in online at the airport. In order to do this, a ticket has to be booked. You can next use that ticked number to check in in advance; once you arrive at the airport, the check-in has already been arranged digitally, allowing for a smooth passage.