What is the difference between TOM and BOM?

The customs rules in the Border Target Operating Model (TOM) complement existing customs formalities set out in the Border Operating Model (BOM).

When will the TOM go into effect?

The UK government is introducing the TOM in phases:

  1. 31 January 2024
    Requiring health declarations and phytosanitary certificates for imports into the UK of animal products, plants and plant products with a medium risk from the EU.
  2. 30 April 2024
    Introduction of documentary checks and risk-based identity and physical checks of medium-risk animal products, plants and plant products risk from the EU.
  3. 31 October 2024
    All exporters from the EU will be required, prior to transport to the UK to submit a safety declaration (ENS).

What is the TOM?

TOM stands for Border Target Operating Model. With it, the UK government introduces additional customs rules and a renewed control regime for access of goods to the UK.

For whom is the TOM relevant?

In phase 1 (31-01-2024) and phase 2 (30-04-2024), the TOM is important first and foremost for exporters and their supply chain partners exporting veterinary and phytosanitary cargo from the EU to the UK. In phase 3 (31-10-2024), the TOM affects all exporters and their supply chain partners.