Which SCAC-code do I have to include in Portbase prior to entering the booking number in the prenotification to the ferryterminal?

If you prenotify  to the ferry terminal in Portbase, the first 4 positions (SCAC code) of the booking number make sure that the notification is sent to the correct ferry operator. Read the full explanation for export and import at Portbase Support.

Which adjusted process applies to arrivals of veterinary cargo by ferry from the UK since 8 January 2021?

Read the letter from the Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) dated January 8, 2021 describing the new process.


What do I have to do arrange with Customs and what with Portbase for each transport?

You submit a customs declaration at Customs to notify them of the goods that you are transporting. Before you can submit a customs declaration, you need an EORI number. This is an identification number that your company has to request from Customs once so that you are known there. After you have submitted a customs declaration, you will receive a unique number from them (e.g. Movement Reference Number (MRN)) for the submitted shipment.

You need this document number issued by Customs to pre-notify the customs documents at the terminal via Portbase. In Portbase, you link the customs data (MRN) to the required logistics data (which truck/container/trailer, terminal, times etc.). Through your pre-notification via Portbase, you ensure that all the required customs formalities are automatically arranged at the terminal. This way, your transport can be performed without delay.

How do I prevent ending up in front of a closed barrier at the terminal?

Prior to your departure, use Portbase to verify the status of your customs documents at the terminal via the service Import Status or the Track & Trace Export screen of the service Notification Export Documentation. Register for these services at www.portbase.com/en/services/import-status and www.portbase.com/en/services/notification-export-documentation/.