What does the Port Community System do?

The Port Community System (PCS) of Portbase is the digital connection to the smart ports of the Netherlands. The PCS has almost national coverage and is available for all port sectors: containers, general cargo, dry bulk and liquid bulk. Through the more than 40 services in the PCS, all links in the logistics chain can easily and efficiently exchange information.

I have registered with Portbase, but I have not yet received any login details

Please contact the Sales Department of Portbase at sales@portbase.com to check the status of your connection. Until you have received your login details, you can ask another party in your chain to pre-notify the customs documents for you via Portbase.

How long does it take before I receive the Portbase login details after registration?

This depends on the service, but normally 24 hours. Portbase performs a due diligence check. During peaks in registrations, this may take longer.

Are there any costs associated with the use of the service Import Status?

Import Status is a free service that has been specifically developed for transporters. To them, this service is highly important as it allows them to see whether the customs documents have been correctly pre-notified at the terminal. If that is not the case and they still dispatch a driver to the terminal, said driver will find the barrier closed there.

Why are costs charged for the import service but not for the export service?

The costs for the import process in terms of security, liability and the amount of connections that need to be made (ICT costs) with various parties are much higher than for the export process. Notification Import Documentation results in a faster and more efficient process for companies involved in imports and logistics. These costs are not fully covered by the terminals and shipping lines (due to the added value for importing companies). Because of its cost-based and non-profit basis, Portbase has no other option but to pass on these costs to the user.

Does using the export services involve any costs?

No, when a company exports, it has to deal with the services Notification Export Documentation and Track & Trace Export. These services are free of charge because the terminals and shipping lines which are used to perform the export process bear these costs. There is a one-off connection fee of € 249.50 (excl. VAT) though.

Why do I need to pay connection costs for Portbase?

Connection costs are charged because a number of steps must be completed in order to make use of the ‘digital border’ of Portbase.
Portbase is a cost-effective organisation. The connection costs are € 249.50 per service.

Does using the import services involve any costs?

Subscription costs and transaction fees apply to the use of the service Notification Import Documentation. The subscription costs for use via the web (so a log-in via the internet from a computer, laptop or tablet) amount to € 6.45 per month and a system link-up (so between the system of the customer and Portbase) costs € 21.55 per month. In both cases, a transaction fee of € 0.18 per transaction (per message) is charged (transaction costs). In addition, there is a one-off connection fee of € 249.50 (excl. VAT).

What is Portbase?

Portbase was established in 2009 by the Port of Rotterdam Authority and the Port of Amsterdam and has the broad support of the port business community. The ambition is to make the logistics chains of the Dutch ports as attractive as possible through a one-stop shop. Portbase connects all parties in the logistics chains of the Dutch ports to this end. Via the Port Community System, Portbase facilitates data sharing between companies and information exchange with government bodies in order to be able to operate faster, more efficiently and at lower costs. Together with our growing community, Portbase is continuously making the sharing of data more valuable. With the aim of making the Dutch port community, and thus the ports, the smartest in Europe. Portbase is neutral, of and for the port community and has no profit motive.