Tightening-up at the Dutch border: are you ready for the CVB?

www.getreadyforbrexit.eu – On the 1st of October 2021, Dutch Customs will start with the introduction of the CVB (Container Release Message) for all import cargo from outside the EU. From that date on, the submission of subsequent declarations is only possible at the ATA of the seagoing vessel and no longer prior to that. Before the cargo is next able to depart again, Customs first checks whether the B/L number and the weight on the subsequent declaration correspond with the data on the preceding Summary Declaration of Temporary Storage (Aangifte voor Tijdelijke Opslag or ATO in Dutch). If both are in order, the cargo can continue.

Prevent mismatches!

One of the main reasons for Customs to introduce the CVB is the large number of mismatches. More than 50,000 errors involving the subsequent declarations are currently made each month. It takes Customs a lot of effort to rectify these mismatches. Furthermore, they may have financial consequences for you as the declaring party. The two most common mismatches are:

  1. Incorrect B/L number on the subsequent declaration
  2. Differences in declared weight between the subsequent declaration and ATO

By being extra alert to this in your subsequent declarations, you can ensure that your cargo can always quickly continue after the 1st of October as well.

Working with pre-notification accelerated

All information about the CVB and the preparations you need to make are available at www.voorbereidophetcvb.nl. Here, you can for example also read how you can considerably speed up your logistics process by means of a pre-notification in combination with an automatic presentation notification.