Software suppliers

Software suppliers can help you to quickly and efficiently comply with your Brexit obligations. Automation allows you to avoid time-consuming manual actions and mistakes. A suitable software solution is always available for large and small companies. Both for submitting your customs declarations and for the mandatory pre-notification via Portbase.

Software suppliers offer smart solutions

Customs declarations
The software providers on this list can help you with smart solutions for submitting electronic customs declarations.

Pre-notification via Portbase
Several software suppliers can provide you with solutions for the pre-notification of customs documents at ferry and shortsea terminals via the Portbase services Notification Import Documentation and Notification Export Documentation.

A software supplier has already explored the paths for communicating with the systems of Dutch (and sometimes even British) Customs and Portbase. As a company, you no longer need to do all that work yourself. Bureaucratic processes are involved that one must be familiar with. Bearing this is mind, what could be better than a software supplier providing a turnkey solution? They have already addressed everything that is necessary for Brexit in the preliminary phase.

Jan Akkermans, Alliantie Douane Software (ADS, Alliance Customs Software)

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Software Suppliers Ready for Brexit

These software suppliers are able to realise system link-ups for the Dutch chain solution for Brexit for you. Their software solution is suitable and successfully tested for the required message exchange of export and/or import documents with Portbase. As a result, you can easily pre-notify all customs documents at shortsea and ferry terminals from your own in-house system.

Message exchange export documents

Message exchange import documents

Use the Ready for Brexit vignette!

Is your software solution suitable and successfully tested by the Portbase interface specialists for the required Brexit message exchange of export and/or import documents? Then as a software supplier you are “Ready for Brexit”! Send us your logo via We will list you on this page. Furthermore, you will receive the ‘Ready for Brexit’ logo from us for use in your own communications.

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