Get Ready for Brexit newsletter

April 12, 2019 is the new Brexit deadline. Nobody knows what is going to happen next. Everyone hopes for the best, but as a logistics sector we must be ready for the worst. The chance of a no-deal Brexit remains big. You can read how to prepare as well as possible in the 1st Get Ready for Brexit newsletter.

Joint initiative

Through ‘Get Ready for Brexit’, the ferry operators, Dutch Customs, interest groups, the port authorities of Rotterdam and Amsterdam and the Port Community System of Portbase have developed a chain-wide solution for the customs obligations which will be in effect in the Dutch ports following Brexit. In this solution, each link in the logistics chain has its own role and responsibilities. All information will precede the cargo. This allows for smart supervision on the part of Customs, with minimal disruption to the logistics process. Cargo can always be swiftly transported through the Dutch ports after Brexit as well.

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