Marty van Pelt; “Even after Brexit shipments will pass swiftly through the Dutch ports”

Cargomagazine – The upcoming Brexit has created a new reality for the logistics chains between the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. Indeed, irrespective of the outcome of the political negotiations: every form of Brexit will result in customs obligations being introduced for short sea and ferry traffic. In the case of a no-deal Brexit, this would happen immediately the very next day. But even with a softer Brexit, customs obligations will become an established fact in the near future. Port Community System Portbase, together with other high profile companies in the port community, took the  step in September 2018 to develop a solution and an operating procedure that would ensure smooth processing of the Customs formalities and swift transport through Dutch ports.

Everyone in the chain has a role Van Pelt: “The technical modifications to the Port Community System were ready before 29 March (the first official Brexit date). However, for the chain solution to function, it is essential that every party in the logistics chain participates and prepares themselves.” Companies must register and ensure that their own systems are ready.

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