Why am I not granted access to the terminal and how can I fix this?

1) Booking is not known at the ferry terminal:

  • Check or have checked whether the booking number is correct.
    • Booking number not correct? Use Portbase to have the pre-notification of the customs documents at the terminal corrected.
    • Booking number correct? Contact Portbase via servicedesk@portbase.com.

2) No customs declaration has been submitted to Customs:

  • Have a customs declaration filed with Customs.
  • Next, have the customs documents electronically pre-notified at the terminal via Portbase.

3) The customs documents have not been (correctly) pre-notified at the terminal via Portbase:

  • Have the customs documents pre-notified electronically at the terminal via Portbase.

4) You do not have a valid proof of identity:

  • Contact the consulate or embassy of your own country.

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