The import document that i pre-notify is not known at the terminal or is not in order. Why is that?

  • Check the status of your notification. If the status is ‘rejected’ (by Portbase or terminal) or ‘failed’, then the notification has not been accepted. Resolve the error message and resend the notification.
  • Check whether the correct document number, document type and container/shipment number have been entered. If this is not the case, then enter the correct information and resubmit the notification.
  • Check whether you have entered the correct terminal. It sometimes happens that cargo is shifted to a different terminal last-minute. This is not automatically changed in your Notification Import Documentation.
  • Check in the Portbase services Cargo Controller or Import Status whether your shipment or container has been unloaded. At some terminals, the import document only becomes available in the terminal system after the cargo has been included in the RTO (= Unloaded on the quay).
    If all information is correct, there may have been a (short-term) disruption at the terminal or Portbase. Resubmit your notification.

Tip: Prior to visiting the ferry and shortsea terminals, use the service Import Status to check the presence and status of the import document before contacting the terminal or Portbase.