Brexit is a done deal, but with Portbase you’re well-prepared – Now that the Brexit has taken place, the European Union and the United Kingdom are negotiating the terms of their new trade relations. No matter the outcome of these talks, however, it is certain that you will encounter Customs obligations. Once the current transition period ends – i.e. from 1 January 2021 – it will no longer be possible to freely exchange goods with parties in the UK. This applies to both shortsea and ferry transport.

You have already subscribed to one or more Portbase services belonging to the chain-wide ‘Get Ready for Brexit’ solution: Notification Import Documentation, Notification Export Documentation (including Track & Trace Export) and/or Import Status. The use of these services will enable you to continue quickly transporting goods via the Dutch ports after 1 January 2021. A number of shortsea terminals are already using the services for transport to and from other countries outside the EU.

Portbase Support
We naturally provide assistance to help you make a quick, easy start with our Get Ready for Brexit services. For useful instructional videos, manuals, the answers to frequently asked questions and more, please refer to our Portbase Support pages.

More Portbase services post-Brexit
Portbase offers even more services that can considerably streamline your Customs formalities following the Brexit. For instance: the service Declaration Food and Consumer Products for declaring veterinary cargoes. Following the Brexit, it will be possible to use this service for cargoes transported both by container and trailer. Other options specifically for container transport are: the service Transit Declaration for follow-up declarations, Inspections Portal for comprehensive oversight of potential Customs inspections, Notification Local Clearance for making use of streamlined Customs procedures and Cargo information for direct access to your own Bills of Lading (B/L’s) on board the ships. Further details on each service can be found on the service pages of our website. You can sign up to participate straight away via the website as well.

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