‘A suitable software solution for everyone’

“A software supplier has already explored the paths for communicating with the systems of Dutch (and sometimes even British) Customs and Portbase,” says Jan Akkermans, who acts on behalf of a large number of software suppliers that work together in Alliantie Douane Software (Alliance Customs Software). “As a company, you no longer need to do all that work yourself. Bureaucratic processes are involved that one must be familiar with. Bearing this is mind, what could be better than a software supplier providing a turnkey solution? They have already addressed everything that is necessary for Brexit in the preliminary phase.”

For large and small companies
As a company, it is important that you choose a software supplier that suits you, emphasises Akkermans. “You can spend tens of thousands of euros on a software solution, but with only three shipments per year, paying per declaration is obviously much more attractive. That diversity of solutions is available, especially regarding Customs matters.”

Advice to importers and exporters
For Brexit, Akkermans advises importers and exporters to look for solutions that combine a customs declaration with automatic pre-notification via Portbase. “This combination of software may be slightly more expensive to purchase, but ultimately it is still cheaper than performing an action twice or having to find a transport company that can arrange the Portbase process for you. The more automated, the easier.”

Weighing up alternatives
“Of course, you can also use a logistics service provider or customs broker for the entire declaration and pre-notification process,” says Akkermans. “Many of those parties provide solid automation. However, they are often already fully booked. In the search for a Brexit solution, you will really have to consider whether this is a feasible alternative or whether you would be better off making sure that you are self-reliant.”

Need advice? The Alliance Customs Software can help.

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